WOW Classic Talent Tree

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Talents are special abilities that players can gain in World of Warcraft Classic. The three tiers are dependent on what class the player chooses. Players begin with three talent tiers to begin with, and gain more as they level up.

Talents are important parts of leveling up in the game, as they can unlock more useful abilities for later quests. In WOW Classic, the talent point cap is at 51. Depending on what talent a player focuses the majority of their talent points on will determine what their specialization is.

Climbing the Talent Tree

As mentioned above, each class has three Talent tiers. Each tier has various talents that can be unlocked with various point values. Most of the lower value talents are available to gain at the beginning, while the more powerful talents must be unlocked by spending points.

For example, if a player wants to unlock at level 31 talent (the most powerful in the tree) they must spend 30 points on other talents to unlock it. Other talents may need 5, 10, 15, or 25 points to unlock.

While a player may focus on one talent tree to gain a Specialty, it is also recommended to spread out some points in the other Talent Trees as well. Doing so will allow synergy between Talents at a higher level.

Spending most of a player’s points between two talent trees will allow for a balanced player later in the game

The Cost of Respecing

What happens is a player decides they want to change their specialization? In the original World of Warcraft there was nothing players could do, they simply had to live with their choices.

Later developers made a patch, allowing players to change their specialization.

In WOW Classic, the option to Respec a talent is available, but it will cost the player each time. The first time the player does this, it only costs one silver. Not a bad deal. But, the price goes up with each later attempt to Respec.

The cost of the Respec increases at a cap of 50g per time that a player does a Respec. To put this in perspective, it costs a player 80g to gain their first mount. Thus, choose wisely when Respecing a character as it can become very costly.

Talent Calculators

Several sites offer Talent Calculators for players. These calculators are a great tool for experienced and new players to WOW Classic alike. The player can choose their class, and then can see how many points they need to spend in each tier to unlock new talents in their talent tree.

This tool can be very useful in planning out how to spend talent points effectively as they advance through the game.

As players only have 51 points to spend in WOW Classic, choosing how and where to spend those points is very important. Being intentional with point spending can be the difference between having a strong character in the end, or a hodgepodge of random talents with no clear specialization.

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