Wine of Zamorak OSRS

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With the Herblore skill players can create many useful potions in Old School Runescape. Along with herbs, other items are needed as secondary ingredients to make powerful potions. One such ingredient is the Wine of Zamorak. This ingredient is useful in several potions and in several quests. It can be found in several areas as well as crafted by players.

Zamorak is the god of chaos, personal ambition, and change in OSRS. He is one of the three main gods in the world of OSRS.

Uses of the Wine of Zamorak

The Wine of Zamorak cannot be drunk by players, but can be used as an ingredient in potions. The wine can be used by players to create ranging potions by combining the Wine of Zamorak and dwarf weed in a vial of water if the player has a level 72 Herblore.  Players with an 80 Herblore can create bastion potions by combining cadantine on a vial of blood and then adding the Wine of Zamorak.

Gathering Wine of Zamorak

The Wine of Zamorak can be found in several places in OSRS. The wine can be found on both levels of Asgarnia’s Chaos Temple and. The wine respawns every 28 seconds in this area.  The temple can be found north of Falador. The wine can be found on an altar as well as a table in the temple.

The player must steal the wine from the monks at the Chaos Temple. The best method is to use the telekinetic grab. It will make the monks more aggressive on the first level, but will add the item to the inventory. On the second level, the player can disguise themselves as a monk to use the telekinetic grab without being attacked.  Attempting to physically pick the wine will cause the monks to attack.

Another Chaos Temple can be found in level 38 Wilderness near the Chaos Fanatic. It is west of the Lava Maze. The wine can be found on a table in the hut and can be taken using telekinetic grab. Players that have the hard Wilderness Diary can get the wine in noted form.

The Wine of Zamorak for Herblore or Gold

Players that wish to obtain the Wine of Zamorak for Herblore skills of profit should take advantage of the banking system in the game. First the player should teleport or walk to Falandor and then run back to the Chaos Temple. They can then take the agility shortcut behind the temple of Burthorpe and run to the bank of the Rogues Den and back.

Crafting the Wine of Zamorak

Players can also make their own Wine of Zamorak if they have a level 65 Cooking. The wine can be created by combining the grapes of Zamorak with a jug of water. This will grant the player 200 cooking experience. These grapes can be found in Hosidius Vinery and having Bologa’s blessing in their inventory. Each grape picked consumes a blessing, so players will need multiple blessings for each vine to harvest an entire patch. The grapes are not edible on their own and can only be used in creating the wine.

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