Unpolled PvP Changes on Old School RuneScape

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OSRS NewsA new blog post on the official OSRS site has revealed some changes that are going to take effect within the next few patches.

The list of changes is divided into three groups: integrity changes, changes that are going to be polled, and changes that are going to be discussed further.

The integrity changes are to be implemented without being polled over the next few patches. No polling may make players nervous about changes, so what all is changing?

Granite Maul Nerf

The iconic weapon of choice for many PK’ers is getting hit with the nerf cannon.

Currently, the special attack for the weapon costs 50% of energy and deals a hefty amount of damage. With this nerf, the energy cost will increase to 60%, meaning that the attack cannot be used twice in quick succession. This will bring the weapon in line with other weapons with similar special attacks.

However, a new item will be added that will bring the special energy needed back to the original 50%. The new item will be available as a Bounty Hunter reward and will be lost upon death.

Snare and Entangle becoming F2P

In the last few updates, Jagex has been focusing on growing their PvP scene, and along with it, the F2P PvP scene. Although their efforts have increased interest in free players partaking in player killing, many key elements that allow for effective fighting are absent in F2P. This has led to some declining interest.

To combat this, Jagex is making both the Entangle and Snare spells available to free players. Utilizing these spells should make F2P PK’ing much smoother and an overall better experience.

Free players, be sure to use the new spells and collect some heads! Members, be sure to press F to pay respects to the great granite maul.

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