TzHaar Fight Cave – How to Get There in OSRS

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Where are the Fight Caves? And What is the TzHaar Fight Cave?

TzHaar Fight Cave - Fighting TzTok-JadIf you are looking at how to get to fight caves, then you are a higher-level player. This is because the TzHaar Fight Cave is the hardest minigame in Old School RuneScape. However, the TzHaar Fight Cave is classified as a safe game is OSRS. This means that you won’t lose your items if you get killed there.

Only members can go to the fight caves because they are located on the island of Karamja in TzHaar City. (TzHaar City is also referred to as Mor Ul Rek.) The TzHaar Fight Cave minigame consists of defeating 62 waves of TzHaar monsters. The monsters start at level 22 and go up to level 360.

The final battle is with TzTok-Jad. Defeating him is the goal of the minigame and the reward is the attainment of a fire cape. The fire cape is animated, and as a melee cape, is second only to the infernal cape.

How to Get to Fight Caves: The TzHaar Fight Cave

So to get to the TzHaar Fight Cave, you have to get to the island of Karamja first. This is the easy part. As a higher level player, you can get to Karamja Island in several ways.

The best way is to use the fight caves option on the TokKul-Zo ring to teleport there. This ring is earned when you have finished the Elder Kiln quest. This is also a powerful item to have on the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame. It is invaluable because it boosts the damage you can inflict on the TzHaar creatures in the fight caves. As well, if you die during the minigame, you get to keep the ring.

Another way to go right to the TzHaar Fight Cave is to use fairy ring code b•l•p. Or you can always use some of the more common ways to get to Karamja. You can get there by boat from Port Sarim or Ardougne with a ring of charos or with 30 coins. You can teleport there with a charged amulet of glory, your POH from Brimhaven, or a modified house tablet.

Getting to the Fight Caves Once You are in Karamja

Wherever you land in Karamja, you will then need to make it to the volcano. TzHaar city is underneath. Once you get to the top of the volcano, you will see two entrances to the Dungeon of Karamja. The larger one goes to TzHaar City and the fight caves. This is the entrance located at the center of the lava lake.

You will go through the dungeon until you come upon a summoning obelisk. There will be a bank and a symbol for the minigame. You are now looking at the entrance to the fight caves. At this point, it will help to look for a strategy guide and a map of the fight caves. Good luck!

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