Top 5 Differences Between WOW and WOW Classic

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Wow Classic - Top Five DifferencesOn August 26, 2019 Blizzard launched World of Warcraft Classic. The goal of the release was to recreate the game world before the expansion of the Burning Crusade. This new gaming experience allows fans of the pre-2006 game a trip down memory lane. It also allows newer players a different gaming experience.

There are many similarities between the two versions of the game. There are also some major contrasts. What follows are the top five differences between WOW and WOW Classic.

1) Pacing

The original WOW played slower than the current game. It took players a while to level up. The long slog made for some fun emersion in the game as players were not as worried about getting to the end goal. WOW Classic recreates that feeling with longer travel times and a long process of leveling up. The advantage of this slower pacing is the thrill of finally leveling up and interacting with other players.

2) Add-ons

The new add-on system is a blend of the old and the new. Add-ons were few in the original version of WOW, but in WOW Classic these systems have embraced the community. Helper Add-ons such as tips for fighting certain enemies and map locations are now acceptable choices; whereas in the past many players would have turned up their noses.

3) Streamers

Streaming is a current phenomenon in the gaming community. Streaming was not a thing during the original WOW launch, but now can have a huge effect on gameplay in WOW Classic. Streamers can influence the amount of traffic on a server, which can have positive and negative effects. Areas can become over-crowded, which can hurt leveling. Or if a streamer leaves a server, they may take all their followers with them. In PVP servers, they may become untouchable due to their followers.

While Streaming is not always a negative factor, it is a new factor in online gameplay. Streamers are still an important part of gaming culture, and players must learn to adjust.

4) Bugs and Glitches

The old WOW was notoriously glitchy at times. Players could exploit bugs to gain new talents, or defeat bosses that would usually be much more difficult. Servers back in the days that WOW Classic reflects were also known to lag or crash altogether. With the early days of the internet in 2006 this was not uncommon, as the technology was still in its infancy. With today’s technology, players of WOW Classic should be able to enjoy the classic feel of the game without the classic headaches.

5) The Community

The community is like that of the original in WOW Classic. With years of experience from many players, the cooperation between players will be much greater. Older players will be more open to helping new players with their prior knowledge. Speak will be available to all players making communication even easier between players in WOW Classic.

The fact that most players of WOW Classic will be returning players will impact the community of this game. Their knowledge and skill base will aid newer players in the game.

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