Top 5 Classic WOW Add Ons

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Wow Classic - Top Five DifferencesIn the years that players have been enjoying World of Warcraft, some have created add-ons to customize their gaming experience. These interface changes and mods have increased player experiences in WOW for years. Classic WOW is no different, allowing players some great add-ons to use and explore.

The following are the Top 5 Add-ons for Classic WOW. Try them out and enhance your own WOW experience. This guide will not only provide a list of great add-ons, but also links on places to download the add-ons for Classic WOW.

Players can either use the Twitch app or can use the provided links to download the add-ons manually.

5. Questie

The Questie add-on is a user interface for players who want to find the location of various quests. Questie solves one of the most frustrating parts of Vanilla; finding quest locations. Often times the hints to find and solve quests are somewhat vague and frustrating to solve. Questie fixes that by marking these locations on the map for players.

The add-on also reveals available quests in mob locations. The ability to help find quests puts Questie on the list.


The OMNICC add-on provides a useful timer for players. This timer provides a countdown for items in WOW Classic that requires a cooldown period.

These can include spells, abilities, and inventory items. This timer provides specific information for the items as opposed to the basic timer in the game, allowing players to make choices in combat quicker.

3. VendorPrice

One dilemma that many players of any good game face is running out of storage for their inventory. Sadly there is no mod for unlimited storage in Classic WOW.

Instead, players often have to make tough decisions on what to get rid of. The issue comes when deciding what to toss and/or sell in the game. Some items are obvious junk, while other items can fetch a high price. Players must be wary of throwing away a valuable item that could sell for a lot of gold.

VendorPrice helps players by showing the players what can be tossed and what can be sold to vendors in the game.

2. Atlasloot Classic

One of the more frustrating aspects of combat and questing is not knowing what loot the player is going to gain from a loot drop. Sometimes the loot is useful or of high value.

Other times, a player may find they have been grinding away for little reward. Atlasloot allows Classic WOW players the ability to see what their current target may drop. This mod gives players the choice to continue on to combat a certain enemy, or find more beneficial targets.

1. Details! Damage Meter

The Details! is a common damage-to-healing meter available for WOW Classic. This detailed interface provides a log of combat, showing the actions each player took and gave during a battle.

Players can also zero in on specific moments in an encounter. Players can use this information during raids to measure why a player performed well or poorly. This add-on is perfect for those that love to do data analysis.

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