The Nightmare Zone – Do You Have What It Takes?

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There is something morbidly fascinating about nightmares. Even if you’re not into horror movies or things like that, you still have to admit that crazy dreams are intriguing at least. Where do they come from? What do they mean?

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If you’re up for a trip north of Yanille, just a bit northwest of the bank, you’ll have a chance to explore nightmares in a whole new way as you enter one of the most interesting places in all of Old School RuneScape – Dominic Onion’s Nightmare Zone.

The Origins of the Nightmare Zone

When a mage from Lunar Isle is running the show, you know you’re in for some surprises. Dominic Onion controls the domain that is the Nightmare Zone. When you enter, you’ll be placed within a dream where you will be tasked with conquering bosses you’ve faced previously on other quests.

When Dominic Onion was young, he had a dream in which he found himself the proprietor of a very successful enterprise that was based out of a big tower. When he told his father about it, he didn’t receive much support. Instead, his father attempted to pressure him to carry on the family tradition of becoming a banker. However, Dominic would have none of it.

Throughout his childhood, the dream haunted him. Fueled by a desire to discover its meaning, Dominic dedicated himself to the secrets of oneiromancy (the use of dreams to predict the future) and dream interpretations. This study of Magic would shape the rest of his life.

It brought him to leave Lunar Isle so that he could find a place to build the tower from his dream. But failing to find either a place or the necessary funds, Dominic had to settle for something less than his dream. And that is how he ended up in Yanille, a seller of dreams.

Whatever Dominic Onion planned on calling his business was lost as the locals decided to dub it the “Nightmare Zone.”

Combat-Based Minigame

Whether you’re new to Old School RuneScape or an old sword at the game, we can all agree—combat is fun. There is just something about the challenge, finding out if you have what it takes to come out the victor. And in this OSRS combat-based minigame, you’ll have plenty of chances challenge yourself and find out if you have the stuff of a champion.

One cool thing about this particular minigame is that if you die while playing, you won’t lose any of your items. But do keep in mind you will lose anything you manually drop.

There are four different modes available in the Nightmare Zone—Practice Mode, Endurance Mode, Rumble Mode, and Customisable Mode.

Practice Mode does not require any coins to play. Endurance Mode is 1000 coins in normal mode and 5000 coins in hard mode. Rumble Mode is a bit more expensive with 2000 coins required for normal and 6000 for hard mode. And obviously, Customisable Mode is the most expensive at 22000 coins in normal mode and 26000 coins for hard mode.

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Give It A Try!

With awesome bosses to fight like Count Draynor, Sand Snake, King Roald, and many, many more, you’re missing out if you haven’t given the Nightmare Zone a try! OSRS is made for exploring, so get out there and see if you’ve got what it takes to conquer your dreams!