The Deadman Spring Finals Rerun Commences!

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Despite the embarrassing bugs present in the Spring Deadman Tournament, Jagex is moving forwards with the rerun of the tournament which started on June 14.

The tournament begins with PvP disabled. After 3 hours, the Permadeath mode will commence and the bloodbath will begin. During the peaceful time, the invited players can grind for equipment, complete quests and stake out their opponents.

This rerun will feature a large prize pool, showcasing Jagex is confident that they have recovered from the grave mistakes in the last iteration of the Spring Deadman competition. The first-place winner will receive a whopping $20,000. In the runner-up positions, second-place will receive $10,000, 3rd and 4th will earn $1,000 and the rest of the winning positions will earn a free year of membership.

Many players may be skeptical as the last attempt at the competition was laughable. As a method to keep the action constant, a deadly fog encases the map. This shrinks as the game progresses, similar to many battle royale games. At the final stage of the fog, the remaining players are teleported into an area that is dedicated to duels. This allowed several 1v1’s to determine the winner of the competition. However, a bug with the mass teleport threw many players directly into the deadly fog, instantly killing many of the characters.

Jagex gave the dead players new accounts with generic stats, items and skills. The entire process was buggy, causing hours of delays. Many of the finalists cried foul due to the poor handling of the game-breaking bug.

Will we see another Deadman Tournament become “Jagex’d”? Make sure you’re watching the official OSRS Twitch to find out!

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