Super Restore Potion in OSRS

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As players navigate the world of Old School Runescape, they will often take damage and lose levels of their stats. Certain potions can help restore these stats in OSRS. One such potion is the super restore potion. This potion is very useful in restoring most of a player’s stats.

Creating Super Restore Potions

OSRS Stamina PotionCreating super restore potions in OSRS requires a level 63 Herblore skill. Herblore is required for players to make most potions in OSRS. To create super restore potion the player needs to mix snapdragon in a vial of water with red spider eggs.

Snapdragon herbs can be cleaned with a level 59 Herblore, and can be grown from snapdragon seeds with a Farming skill of 62.  It is also an item drop with some high-level enemies, and can be bought at the Brimhaven Agility Arena.

Red spider eggs are useful for creating several potions in OSRS. The eggs can be found in several locations in the game, especially areas where deadly red spiders can be found.

For every super restore potion the player creates they will receive 142.5 experience points. Once the player masters how to create this potion, they can use them to level up their skills fairly quickly. Super restore potions can also be traded on the Great Exchange for a decent profit.

Super restore potions can also be used to create sanfew serums. This potion can be used by adding, in order, unicorn horn dust, snake weed, and nail beast nails to a super restore potion.

Effects of Super Restore Potion

Super restore potion will restore many stats, including the Prayer stat. Players should take note that one thing the super restore potion will not restore is Hitpoints.

Restore potions work with a simple formula for each dose. Each dose restores 8 points +25% of the player’s base level for each skill. The maximum amount of points that a player can restore with the potion is 32 points at a level 96. Due to this effect, super restore potions are more effective in restoring Prayer than prayer potions.

A player can also use a holy wrench to add 1-2 additional points on Prayer restoration. The holy wrench is a reward for completing the Rum Deal quest.

Super Restore Potion in Quests

Two 3-does super restore potions can be found by completing the Zogres Flesh Eater quest. This quest can be started by speaking to Grish in Jigging, which can be reached using the fairy ring. He will tell the player about a group of zogres (zombie ogres) that are running amok and making people sick.

If the player offers to help, Grish will give them two 3-dose super restore potions and three cooked chompy birds. He will then direct the player to the ogre guard to the east. When the player mentions they have talked to Grish, the guard will open the gate to the affected area so that the player may begin the quest.

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