Snape Grass in OSRS

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There are various herbs in Old School Runescape that players can use to make potions. One of these useful herbs is snape grass. Snape grass can be grown and harvested in the world of OSRS.

Growing Snape Grass

Snape grass can be grown by players with level 61 Farming. They can be planted in an allotment using snape grass seeds. The seeds can be found as item drops, rewards for farming contracts, or pickpocketing Master Farmers.

Players must plant three snape grass seeds per allotment. Players will gain 82 experience for each harvesting action.  Players can pay gardeners 5 jangerberries to watch their allotment. Planting near white lily patches will also help in protecting the crops.

The typical harvest is between 15-20 per allotment. Sometimes harvests can yield up to 60 units.

Gathering spots for Snape Grass

Players can also find snape grass in certain areas in the game world. Waterbirth Island allows players to utilize teleports to bank snape grass for storage. Twenty-seven snape grass spawn in this area.

Hobgoblin Peninsula west of the Crafting Guild also has patches of snape grass. This area is close to Rimmington and yields three spawns.

Northwest of the vinery at Zeah, players can find ten snape grass growing in the area. These will respawn once all ten have been harvested. There is also a bank at the vinery.

Snape grass can also be bought in the Nightmare Zone. These can be bought for 175 reward points each.

Uses for Snape Grass

Sanpe grass is useful in many potions in OSRS. Snape grass is also useful in several quests in the game.

Snape grass is an important ingredient in prayer potions. This potion is used to restore Prayer points. It is created by combining snape grass with ranarr weed in a vial of water with 38 Herblore skill.

Another useful potion is fishing potion. This potion will temporary raise a player’s Fishing skill by three for two minutes. Players need level 50 Herblore. It is made by combining avantoe and snape grass in a vial of water.

Snape grass is used to create the hangover cure during the Plague City quest. The hangover cure is needed for Bravek, the city warder of West Ardougne. The cure can be made by first grinding a chocolate bar to create chocolate dust. This is then added to a bucket of milk to make a chocolate milk. The snape grass is then added to this mixture to create the cure. Players then give this mixture to Bravek and in return, he will give the player a warrant giving them access to the plague house.

The hangover cure is also needed in the mogre miniquest. The player must find Skippy behind Hetty’s house in Rimmington. He is a washed-up fisherman, and if you give him the hangover cure he will give the player information on what he saw in the water. The creature turns out to be a mogre, which the player must defeat as part of the Monster Slayer quest.

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