PvP Changes In This Week’s OSRS Update

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Get your DDS specs ready and be prepared to lose it all with the new PvP changes introduced in this week’s changes!


Imps! OSRS PvPTeleblock is now a free-to-play spell. This will encourage free-to-play players to participate in PvP activities by allowing them to use the teleport-blocking spell which is integral to securing kills. The spell will have the same stats on both member and free-to-play worlds.

Teleblock becoming free-to-play has been polled several times before and each time it has been voted down. However, Jagex developers decided to continue with the update, allowing free players to cast the spell. Many players crying foul on Reddit and want answers on why Jagex pushed the update through.


Previously, certain activities, like entering a game of clan wars, would allow for players to unskull. Abusing this mechanic left some players fighting multiple opponents with little risk. This update remedies this by taking it away: entering Clan Wars or the Nightmare Zone no longer removes the PK Skull.

Removal of the unskulling mechanic will make Wilderness PvP riskier and may even dissuade some players from fighting.

Imp Boxes

Many players would bank high-priced items just before death using Imp Boxes, leaving many players feeling cheated. This mechanic has also been removed: Imp Boxes no longer work in the Wilderness or on PvP Worlds.

Although this may be good news for PvPers, removal of the functionality of Imp Boxes in the wilderness will affect other aspects of the game, like skilling. Only time will tell how big of an impact that the dead Imp Boxes will have.

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