Prayer Potion in OSRS

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In Old School Runescape, potions are key to not only solving quests, but also survival in some cases. One such potion is the Prayer Potion, which is useful in restoring Prayer points. Prayer is a useful skill in OSRS as it can aid in combat. However, using prayer skills will drain the player’s prayer points. Using a Prayer Potion can aid in recovering these points.

How to Create Prayer Potions

OSRS Super Antifire PotionTo create Prayer Potions in OSRS, players need to have a 38 Herblore skill. Prayer potions are created by adding ranarr weed to a vial of water, and then topping it off with snape grass.  The potion will have a turquoise color. Each bottle of Prayer Potion has three doses of potion.

Ranarr weed can be cleaned for a 25 Herblore skill. It can be farmed in an herb patch. It is one of the lowest level herbs and can be useful for several potions.

Snape grass is another versatile herb in OSRS. It can be farmed with at 61 Farming skill. It is useful for making prayer potions, fishing, potions and the hangover cure for the Skippy and Mogres mini-quest. Snape grass also spawns in several locations in the game world.

Effects of Prayer Potion

One dose of Prayer Potion will restore Prayer points at 7 +25% of the player’s Prayer level. This boost is rounded down to the nearest level.  If a player has a holy wrench, prayer cape, or ring of the gods(i) the effects of the potion is increased to 7+27%.

The holy wrench is the reward for completing the Rum Deal quest. This item will increase the effects of any potion that restores prayer, and can create other boosts.

The holy wrench can also change the ring of the gods to the ring of the gods (i). This can be done for 650,000 reward points while in the Nightmare Zone. The ring of the gods is an item drop from the skeleton boss Vet’ion. The ring of the gods(i) has similar effects as the holy wrench, but their abilities cannot be stacked.

The prayer cape is a Cape of Accomplishment. This cape is only obtained by players that have achieved a level 99 Prayer skill. The cape can be purchased by traveling to the monastery near Edgeville. Find Brother Jered on the top floor and he will sell the cape and hood to the player for 99,000 gold coins. The cape adds two additional point restoration per dose of Prayer Potion.

As the most common way to restore Prayer points is with the use of an altar, having these potions in a player’s inventory is key during combat. This allows the player to restore points quickly and use prayer abilities during combat.

Prayer Potions are Valuable

The usefulness of Prayer Potions make them vary valuable and sought after in OSRS. Due to the use of prayer in combat and the ability to use Prayer Potion during combat to restore prayer points, the Prayer Potions are in high demand.  As a result, the trade value of Prayer Potion is usually high.

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