OSRS Wilderness Changes

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OSRS NewsIf you’re one of the players that enjoys player-versus-player content, these past few updates have been long awaited and eagerly received. The trend continues with this week’s update that focuses on the Wilderness. Although seemingly minor, these changes add even more content to the Wildy and give more options to make gold for players willing to take the risk.

Wilderness Slayer Keys

Slayer tasks from Krystilia have received a buff, as the monster the Slayer Master assigns now have a chance to drop a new key dubbed “Larran’s Key.” This key will function much like the Brimstone Key in that higher level monsters have a higher chance to drop the key and will open a chest that contains loot.

Once you get the drop, there are two chests throughout the Wilderness that you can open. Firstly, there’s relatively low-risk chest that contains lower chances of good loot, or there’s a high-risk, deep Wilderness chest that has a better chance to contain items worth that sweet, sweet GP.

Wine of Zamorak Spawn

Within the Deep Wilderness Dungeon, a new spawn for Wine of Zamorak has been added. This Wine will respawn much faster than in other locations. Also, for those players that have completed the Hard Diary for the Wilderness, the Wine will be picked up in noted form.

I give it a week before Wine of Zamorak prices bottom out. Sorry, F2P’ers!

K/D Ratio Now Available in PvP Worlds

For those that want to show off your sick PvP skills, a new option can be toggled to show your kill-to-death ratio via the notice board in Edgeville. This is a long-awaited change within the PvP community.

However, to save myself, I’ll probably keep mine turned off.

That sums up the changes for now! Remember to carry a one-click teleport in your adventures in the slightly upgraded Wilderness this week!

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