What Lies Below: Defeat Wizard Surok — OSRS

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When a stranded traveler needs help in OSRS, the quest to find out what lies below begins! However, all is not what it seems in the Kingdom of Misthalin.

This is especially true in the capital city of Varrock. King Roald will soon be under the spell of an outlaw wizard who wants the throne. In the end, you will have to fight the entranced King — in order to save him.

But first, there is a band of thieves to kill and a complicated two-level maze to figure out. There are also other smaller quests to complete in order to uncover what lies below.

Magis Surok imprisoned in the OSRS quest What Lies Below

What You Need for the Quest

To complete the standalone quest of What Lies Below, you will need the skill levels of an intermediate player. This includes having a level thirty-five in Runecraft and a level forty-two in mining. You must also complete the Rune Mysteries Quest and be able to defeat a level forty-seven enemy.

The objects you will need to bring to this OSRS quest are a bowl and fifteen chaos runes. A pickaxe will be obtained during the game. You will also need a tiara or a chaos talisman if you don’t have access to the Abyss.

What’s exciting about What Lies Below is that you will fight five enemies at once in hand-to-hand combat. There is also a lot of movement in this game to test your directional and transporting skills. This includes the two-level maze and the wilderness.

So now it is up to you to successfully navigate this diverse region of Misthalin and defeat the enemy. You must save the kingdom from the evil clutches of wizard Surok Magis. Otherwise, the fiendish order of the Dagon’hai will overthrow King Roald and take the kingdom.

Screenshot of playing What Lies Below

What Lies Below – The Adventure Begins

This Old School RuneScape adventure begins when a stranded traveler needs your help. It seems a band of outlaws took some important papers from him. He needs them back and you promise to help him.

Secretly, the stranded traveler is Rat Burgiss. He part of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard and he is testing you for a bigger quest. This is to save the king from the evil wizard.

You were kind enough to help a stranger. But are you skilled enough to kill the outlaws and get the papers? If so, you have many tasks to complete before you can lock the wizard away forever.

How to Finish the Quest

The most difficult part of this quest is fighting the entranced King Roald. The spell cast upon him by Surok Magis makes him want to fight you to the death. So you have to be careful to only hit him until he gets down to a low HP. Then he can be teleported away to safety and Surok Magis will be locked away for good.

What Lies Below – Your Rewards

For completing the OSRS quest of What Lies Below, you will receive 1 Quest Point. Along with 8,000 Runecrafting XP, 2,000 Defense XP, a Beacon Ring, and Knowledge of Chaos Tunnel. Congratulations!

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