OSRS Updates This Week!

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This week has been a slow one at Jagex, and that’s to be expected with the huge amount of new content that has been released recently.

PvP and Bounty Hunter Kill-Death Ratios Separated

OSRS NewsDue to popular demand, the Kill-Death ratios of PvP and the Bounty Hunter activity have been separated and will be shown as two different values when checking the notice board at Edgeville bank.

Previously, all the kills and deaths were lumped together, leaving some players upset at their skewered stats. Although they are similar, the two game modes are separate in the end, and players thought this should be represented in their stats.

Web Slashing updates?

For as long as the game has been running, webs have required a knife to cut through. The time has come for change, though!

Now, any slashing weapon can be used to cut through webs. The chance of success is dependent on the slashing bonus of the respective weapon.

How big of an impact will this have? Only time will tell, but it will free up an extra inventory slot when participating in activities that previously required carrying around a knife.

Although this update may not have been demanded by the masses, it is a simple quality-of-life update that just makes sense.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to check out exactly how good (or bad) you are at PvP and Bounty Hunter, and be sure to destroy some spider homes with your D scimmy!

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