OSRS Partnerships: First Step to MTX or Growth Option?

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OSRS NewsThe question of whether or not the Old School Runescape developers will add microtransactions has been the elephant in the room since the release of OSRS. Even though many Jagex developers have consistently stated that they will never add microtransactions, the direction that RS3 has taken has led many players to believe that buyable cosmetics and XP will creep their way into Old School.

Recently, OSRS announcing that they are continuing to use Twitch partnerships has reinvigorated this fear.

Purple-skinned Fears

Last year, Jagex teamed up with Twitch to offer special rewards for Twitch Prime members. It was simply a free month of membership and a cosmetic override that allowed players to turn their skin purple. Shortly after the promotion, the purple skin color was made available to every player.

So what’s the issue? Many players thought this cosmetic override was the first step into the territory of the dreaded microtransactions. This scared many veterans of the game and caused some resentment within the community against the developers.

Renewing Their Vows

Even with the pushback from players from using Partnerships, Jagex has released a blog further explaining the future of partnerships. The post outlined some of possible planned content for further use in partnerships and announced that future content that potentially could be used in partnerships will be polled so that players have control over the rewards.

In the post, Jagex also stated that they will never add microtransactions into our beloved game. Will this reign true even with RS3 going further down the microtransaction rabbit hole? Let’s hope not!

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