OSRS News – Warding Fails to Pass Polling

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For a few weeks, there was quite a bit of excitement surrounding the potential new skill that Jagex was developing, Warding. However, the new skill did not reach the required approval rating when presented in a poll and unfortunately will not be added to the game.

What is Warding?

OSRS NewsWarding was going to allow mages to craft robes in a similar fashion to rangers using the crafting skill and warriors mining and smithing. Currently, mage clothing is only available from shops and monster drops with no way to craft them. Many players have viewed this as unfair as melee and ranged characters both have ways to make armor for themselves and do not have to rely on shops, the Grand Exchange, or monster loot.

Along with Warding, plans were being made to rework mage robes from the ground up. Revamping mid-tier mage armor to have better defenses and giving low-tier mage robes some extra diversity to help free-to-play players as well as those just starting to use magic.

A Sad Day

Even though many players were excited to have the skill added to the game, Warding did not pass the polling process.

The voting turnout was the largest in OSRS history with a whopping 125,000 votes. A majority of 66% of players voted to have the skill integrated into the game, and 33% voted against the skill. The results did not meet the standards of a 75% approval rating and the skill will be canned.

Warding will be joining the ranks of the other proposed skills in the ranks of Valhalla.

Despite not passing the poll, many players doubt that all the content made for the Warding skill will be scrapped. Be on the lookout in future updates!

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