OSRS News: New Nightmare-ish Bossing Content!

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Within the last few months, Jagex has maintained an incredibly high pace of releasing new content. This trend continues with a new poll being announced that will serve as the basis for new bossing content!

The Nightmare

OSRS NewsAn old hag has plagued Morytania, and it’s up to you to handle it!

The new boss will be accessed by running south of Port Phasmatys or by paying gold to travel by boat. Once a player has entered the arena, a countdown timer begins. After running out of time, no more players may enter the bossing area until the hag is dead.

Although the exact mechanics of the boss have not been announced, a blurb in the official blog post says the boss leeches the life force of people while they are sleeping, hinting that a new crowd control effect may be in the works.

The Rewards

We all know why you like bossing: the rewards!

With the release of the new boss, a new melee weapon and a melee armor set will be released, along with two mage items.

The weapon, the Inquisitor’s Mace, requires 75 Attack to wield and the armor, the Inquisitor’s Armor, will offer bonuses to accuracy and crushing.

The two mage items are the Siren’s Tome and the Nightmare Staff. Both of the items are mid-tier magic items, with the Nightmare Staff offering some customization that gives mages the choice between several different bonuses, such as spells that use special energy instead of runes, or an increase to casting speed to spells from the normal spellbook.

All of the items are tradeable and will not degrade!

PvE’ers rejoice!

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