OSRS News – Last Man Standing Update

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OSRS NewsFor both new players and experienced PK’ers, Last Man Standing is a great addition that added a fresh new mode into the normal PK’ing activities. The mode has been in beta testing for a little while now, and the second batch of changes has just been announced.

Faster Games

Many of the changes that were implemented shortly after the game mode was introduced seemed to aim to increase the pace of the game. Limiting Saradomin Brews that can be held in the player’s inventory to 1 and making food disappear faster are examples of changes that are helping reach the goal of faster games.

This trend is continuing in the next batch of changes. Combat is now permitted immediately at the end of the initial countdown. Previously, there was a peace period in which players could not fight, but this has been removed. The numbers of sharks that players begin with has also been reduced by 1, bringing the total to 11. Both of these changes are minor updates that quicken the pace of the game by introducing fighting quicker and lowering the initial sustain of players.

General Improvements

Given the uniqueness of Last Man Standing, it is expected that the game mode won’t be perfect anytime soon and that the developers will be adding general updates to help improve the experience. Some of these changes include:

  • More chests were added in various areas, including in some of the final areas.
  • Better spawning (i.e. no players will be left by themselves in the beginning)
  • To reduce RNG Diamond bolts have replaced Dragonstone bolts

Have you tried Last Man Standing yet? If not, give it a go while it’s in beta!

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