OSRS News – Last Man Standing Reward Changes

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OSRS NewsLast Man Standing is a newer minigame that has been gaining in popularity and with good reason. The new mode offers fast-paced, dangerous combat.

However, the rewards for grinding the minigame has been lackluster so far. Jagex has acknowledged this and plans to run a poll on the potential changes on the Last Man Standing rewards.

What Are the Changes?

Originally, the plan was to reward a large number of points for placing in the top three at the end of a Last Man Standing game and ten points per kill. A few points would also be rewarded just for taking part in the game.

However, concerns about these points being exploited arose and Jagex has announced an altered version of the point rewards. The new system includes points awarded for position finished, with a maximum of five points for finishing in first place. Instead of points per kill, there is now a reward for finishing a game with three kills and a better version for finishing with five kills.

Although the new point system would drastically lower the number of points earned, it is no longer exploitable by bots or boosters.

New Armor Rewards

Jagex also announced they plan to repurpose the Deadman Mode armor into a Last Man Standing cosmetic reward. They would remove the stats and place the armor for sale in the Last Man Standing reward shop.

Do you support the point system and reward changes? Be sure to voice your opinion in the next poll!

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