OSRS News: First Look Into The Forthos Dungeon

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OSRS News!The Forthos Dungeon in the newly reworked town of Hosidius has just been revealed and is in the works to be polled in the coming weeks. This new area is packed with content designed for mid-level players.

The main dungeon entrance will be placed in a new area in Hosidius called the Forthos Ruins. A secondary shortcut entrance will also be available for unlocking that will take you directly deeper into the dungeon.

Among the new enemies are tougher red spiders, undead druids and a brand-new red spider boss, the Sarachnis. The big spooky spider will feature a new drop dubbed the “Giant Egg Sac,” which will give a large number of red spider eggs upon use. The undead druids are upgraded versions compared to their living counterparts and will feature an improved drop table.

Several new activities will be present in the dungeon. A new miniquest is being introduced that will send players to collect pages to fill up three books which can be turned in, revealing the location of the scary spider. Along with the miniquest, there is an altar to recharge prayer points and a bone burner to boost prayer experience when using bones on it, similar to the gilded altar. A chest will also be waiting to be looted for players lucky enough to secure the key drop from the monsters that plague the dungeon.

When the announcement for Hosidius rework that was made in a Weekly Poll blog in March, Mod West had originally teased a new dungeon that was in the works under the name of the Hosidius Dungeon. This has since been changed to the current moniker of the Forthos Dungeon.

Be looking for the poll questions to bring the spooky spider and new dungeon into the game in the next few weeks!

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