OSRS News – Adventure Paths and Other Changes

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Jagex has been taking it easy after the release of the Song of the Elves content and continues that trend with the latest patch notes.

Adventure Paths

OSRS NewsA few weeks ago, a blog post was put out about making the early game better for new players. The developers wrote that they were exploring ways to give new players a jump-start in the unforgiving, unguided beginning of their Runescape career.

The boost that N00bs will be getting has finally been announced and will be taking the form of Adventure Paths. Like achievement diaries but on a much smaller scale, Adventure Paths would offer new players small tasks to help give direction to an otherwise directionless world. The tasks would be relatively simple and give out basic rewards, such as low-tier armor and supplies.

Completionists, don’t fret: Jagex stated in their blog post that they do not want to go beyond level 20 in the tasks’ respective skill, so only new players will have access to Adventure Paths and will not impede progress for anyone else.

Minor Changes

Min-maxers rejoice! You can now left-click to water at the tithe farm. This should speed up the activity and allow for sweet EXP gains.

Silver smithing now has an interface in-line with the rest of the smithing skill! The interface keeps the Old School feel while offering better utility to all 10 players who smelt silver in Runescape.

That’s it for this week! Be on the lookout for the Adventure Paths to be polled soon!

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