OSRS Leagues: A New Way to Scratch that Competitive Itch

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OSRS NewsA few days ago, a blog was released on the Old School Runescape page that gave the first look into the new game mode that has been in the works at Jagex.

The new mode, called Leagues, will allow players to race to start fresh on a new account and be the first to achieve big milestones, such as beating bosses or maxing all skills.

Revised Task System

With the game mode will come along a new task system that will be the way that players earn points and earn their victory.

This new task system will allow players to find new and creative methods to complete previously mundane tasks. For example, a mockup in the blog post by Jagex shows that completing a large number of farming contracts will reward points. Players will need to grow at all farming patches and will need to be as efficient as possible to pull ahead of their peers while competing in Leagues.

Big Boosts

To add some chaos to the mix, new items will be introduced that will give various buffs to help players in their journey.

The new items, dubbed relics, will give buffs such as harvesting double resources or resources that are automatically banked. The relics can be purchased with the points that are earned via the revised task system.

Be sure to be on the lookout for upcoming updates in the polls and on the official Runescape page!

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