OSRS: Huge List of QoL Improvements To Be Polled

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OSRS NewsOld School Runescape has come from humble origins and has risen to be a game of an extremely high quality through the hard work of a dedicated team at Jagex. This trend appears to be continuing with the recent announcement on the official Jagex Dev Blog.

Jagex has recently released a list including a large number of quality of life improvements that are going to be polled in the next week. Although some of the changes are to maintain consistency between similar items, most are requested by players to improve the game’s minor aspects.

A Min-Maxxer’s Dream

Most of the changes are small but provide an opportunity to those players trying to max out XP rates to be more efficient.

One of the prime examples of this is the new “Previous Destination” option with charter ships, like those in Port Sarim. This will allow players to travel to locations much quicker, saving valuable seconds and slightly raising hourly XP rates. Karamja F2P lobster fishers rejoice!

Another good example of an improvement to be polled is the ability to do certain interactions with items with the bank interface open. If the poll passes, the “Equip”, “Eat”, and “Drink” options will be open to players without closing the bank interface. More precious seconds saved!

There are a LOT of improvements being polled. Be sure to look at the full list on the Official Jagex blog, and be sure to voice your opinion!

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