OSRS: He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time

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Desert Insects is What I SeeThrough the game of Old School Runescape the player will come across clue scrolls as item drops from various monsters. These scrolls lead the player to several riddles which may include puzzle solving or destroying a certain monster to gain a key. These OSRS Treasure Trails reward players with various unique items. “He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time” is one such clue.

Cryptic Clues: “He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time”

“He knows just how easy it is to lose track of time” is a cryptic clue found in the OSRS Treasure Trails. There is no specific order for the clue drops, as it is useful to have as many teleports unlocked as possible for travel around the game world. This particular clue is considered a hard level clue, and may be difficult to solve. To solve this riddle, you will need to travel to the Clock Tower.

Finding the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is found south of Ardougne. Once there, find and speak with Brother Kojo. Brother Kojo will task you with helping to fix the Clock Tower. In the dungeon, creatures have stolen several cogs needed for the Clock Tower. Retrieve these, and Kojo will give you a Watch which will aid you in your Treasure Trail.

Fixing the Clock Tower

There are four colored cogs that must be found and replaced (red, blue, black, and white). After talking with Brother Kojo, descend the ladder and you will find a room with four different colored tiles. These tiles point to which spindle each cog needs to be attached to. Each cog can only be carried one at a time, so replace each cog before moving to the next one.

You must defeat Orgres to get the red cog, and return it to the 1st floor red spindle.

The blue cog is in a cell with a rat that you cannot access. By going to the Ardougne Zoo, you can climb a ladder behind the camel cage. Follow the tunnel to a wall which you can push out to grab the blue cog. Place this cog on the 2nd floor spindle.

The black cog is guarded by two spiders and a wall of flame. You can use a bucket of water or ice gloves to pick up the cog. At the ladder you will find four spindles. Place the black cog on this spindle.

Using rat poison, you can mix it with the food trough in the room with the rats, which will kill them. After the rats are dead, enter the western gate to find the white cog. Go outside the Clock Tower and climb to the top level and place the white cog on the spindle. Then go talk to Brother Kojo.

“He Knows Just How Easy it is to Lose Track of Time” Solution

Brother Kojo will aide you in solving the Cryptic Clue “He Knows just how easy it is to lose track of time”. The player will receive a challenge scroll asking the question “On a clock, how many times does the minute hand and hour hand overlap?” The correct answer is 22.

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