OSRS: Capes Make Their Way Into Barbarian Assault

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Fashionscapers rejoice! They’ve lifted all restrictions on capes in the Barbarian Assault minigame in OSRS!

The Barbarian Assault role icons were previously auto-equipped into the cape slot of a character once a game began and roles were locked in. This meant that no cape could be equipped while fighting the Penance monsters.

Penance Queen in Barbarian Assault. She's not wearing a cape.
Here’s a picture of the Penance Queen (and not a cape).

However, they now equip into the jaw slot of any character, a backend slot system for a character model’s facial hair. Because of this creative workaround, players will no longer have to sacrifice their good looks for those XP gains!

How does it work? More importantly, how does equipping the Role Icon into the jaw slot not replace your sick beard? The developers have rigged up separate facial hair models that include the Role Icon that equips into the jaw slot upon entry of the minigame. This then replaces itself with the normal facial hair model once the character leaves. Due to the complexity involved in solving a seemingly simple issue, players should report any issues they have with their beloved facial locks when entering or leaving Barbarian Assault.

Fashion aside, allowing capes into the minigame means changes! Some slightly improved stats will improve defense and increase damage. This increase in damage dealt and lessening of damage received may make the minigame slightly easier. This, in turn, may lead to a difficulty adjustment at a later date. Jagex did not comment any on the extra stats introduced into the minigame by lifting the ban on capes. The developers may not be expecting any changes, or they could simply be waiting for more data.

For now, though, go and enjoy your capes, and spread the word!

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