Old School Runescape Skills Calc

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OSRS Skills CalculatorIn Old School Runescape, honing one’s skills is a crucial part of the game. Building up certain skills will aide you in quests as well as gaining certain items. Increased skills are important in magic use, building, and crafting.

Players in OSRS need to take into account is the amount of time it takes to build up skills. It is also important to know if this is a skill worth their time to invest in. Taking into account the profit/loss of building a skill must be accounted for when playing.

To aid players, there are many sites that offer skills calculators (aka skills calcs). These calculators can aid players in knowing the investment and profit of focusing on building up a certain skill.

Using Skill Calculators to Estimate Leveling Up

Skill calculators allow the player to enter their current level and experience points (XP) to estimate how many points they need to increase to the next level of that skill. Inputting the current level of experience that a player has in a certain skill category not only allows them to see what they need to level up, but what new skills and items they can unlock with the upgrade.

Many calculators will also let you see how much GP it will cost if the player wishes to purchase XP to level their skills. GP can also be used to purchase items and let you see how much GP you can gain from creating certain items as you build your skills.

Unlocking Items with Skills Calc

OSRS has many items that players can create that aid them throughout the game. Some items can be created at the basic levels of gameplay, while others have to be worked up to. Most items require the players to hone certain skills to craft items that may be profitable in the Grand Exchange.

For instance, using planks will help in building up a player’s construction skills. At the first level, they can only build a chair. However, as their skills progress they can create oak doors which are very profitable items in the game.

Know What to Focus your Skills On

Skill calcs in OSRS also will help in deciding what to focus your skills on. Determining what type of gameplay you choose, some skills are going to be more useful. It is important to make sure that the skills you focus on are going to be worthwhile for you in the end.

Several skills can be very profitable in OSRS. Runecrafting, Herblore, and Smithing allow you to create useful items that can be sold in-game as well as creating useful items for you. Farming, Woodcutting, Hunting, and Fishing can yield valuable items that can be used to craft other items. Thieving can be a useful skill in taking items that you may not have the skills to create or steal useful items from other characters.

In the end, a skills calc is a great tool to help layers decide what skills to focus on as they play. It can give them an idea of how much time and what level they need to create certain items. This can help them to plan out an enjoyable gaming experience in OSRS.

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