Limpwurt Root in OSRS

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In Old School Runescape, there are many items that can help players to create helpful potions. Many of these potions require Herblore to grow, harvest, and use different herbs to create these potions. One such herb is limpwurt root. This root is used to create several potions and can either be grown or harvested using Herblore skills.

Growing Limpwurt Root

Member players in OSRS can plant limpwurt root from limpwurt seeds.  Limpwurt seeds care a common item drop by many types of monsters. They can also be stolen from master farmers or Martin the Master Gardner.

Players need a level 26 Farming skill in order to grow these roots. The seeds can be planted in a flower patch and take about twenty minutes to grow into limpwurt roots.  The yield of the roots is not set, but is comparable to the player’s Farming skill. The minimum yield is three roots, while the maximum is three plus one for every ten levels of the player’s Farming skill.

Boosts can be used to increase yields as well. Due to the variable bonuses, composts have no real effect on yield.

Limpwurt Root can only be farmed by member players in OSRS. However, free-to-play players can still obtain this item. Roots can be picked up from hill giants and hobgoblins.

Uses of Limpwurt Root

Limpwurt root has several uses in potions in OSRS. Free-to-play users can trade the roots for strength potions and energy potions at an apothecary.

Member uses can use Limpwurt root to create potions using the Herblore skill. Limpwurt root can be used to make strength potions and super strength potions. Strength potions require tarromin and limpwurt root as well as an Herblore skill of 12. The super strength potion requires limpwurt root and Kwuarm along with a Herblore skill of 55.

These potions temporarily increase the character’s strength. Regular strength potion increases the player’s strength by 10% +3. Super strength potion will increase these stats by 5-19 %, or 5+15%.

Limpwurt root can also be sold and bought in the Grand Exchange for a profit. This market has a variable price based on the availability of limpwurt root in the game.

Limpwurt Root in Quests

Limpwurt Root is needed to complete part of the Temple of Ikov Quest. This quest is initiated by talking to Lucien at the Flying Horse Inn in East Ardougne. Lucien will give you a pendant that will begin your quest that will eventually lead you to the Temple of Ikov.

At the temple you will come across a lava pit. To cross the lava stream, you must talk to the witch named Winelda who is standing nearby. She will teleport you across the lava for the one-time payment of 20 unnoted limpwurt roots. Once the player has paid her she will teleport them as many times as they require. This is a crucial part of completing this quest, so players should have these roots ready.

Limpwurt roots can also be used as payment on Fossil Island. Players can use them to pay squirrel gardeners to protect their teak trees for 15 limpwurt roots.

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