Leveling Guide for WOW Classic

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Wow Classic Tailoring ProfessionLeveling up in WOW Classic can be a hard aspect of the gameplay. The reward for leveling up is access to better gear, spells, and quests. The work of leveling up can take a long time.

On average, players can expect to take 10-14 days worth of gameplay to reach level 60 in the game. Whether playing Horde or Alliance, the journey is a fun experience but can be time-consuming. The following are some tips to level up in Vanilla.


Two of the best ways to level up WOW Classic. are through Quests and Dungeons. Both routes have their advantages and disadvantages. For ease and speed, the best route to go is with Dungeons. Yet, Questing allows for other options such as PvP play and developing Professions. Players do not have to choose only between these routes, but it can be easy to become sidetracked if leveling up in the end goal.

Dungeon crawling with a group is a quick way to achieve XP. Players can easily reach level 60 and gain valuable gear drops. It is possible to reach level 60 without doing any quests by only doing dungeon raids.

There are some drawbacks to only doing Dungeon raids. To be effective, a player needs 5 members in a group. This can be difficult if they are not part of a dedicated group and have to find players.

Also, unless they are a warlock with summoning, players will have to wait as their party members travel to their location. Also, isolation from the game world means that players will have to wait until level 60 to upgrade Professions. A selling point of WOW Classic is the community, so players want to keep that in mind when doing dungeon raids.


While leveling up with dungeons are reliant on working with a group, Questing does not have these restrictions. Questing is a great way to level up on solo missions. Quests provide plenty of content and action for players. There is also the advantage of questing that players are not reliant on other players and can play at their own pace.

The key to leveling up when Questing is to balance the time. Players should find a balance between combat, recovery, and travel time. While many players may focus on combat as killing enemies will net more XP, focusing on recovery will be more beneficial.

This is especially important to characters such as Warriors who need time to heal. Players also should find ways to cut travel time, such as using mounts and combat as they travel.

Questing with a group in Vanilla has its own advantages. The co-op of WOW Class is one of the appealing features and it is always enjoyable to play with friends. Sharing the workload can also be an efficient way to level up.

Make sure to not make the group too large, as it will lower the amount of XP each player gains.

Training Professions

Training professions are a great way to level up as well in Vanilla. Professions provide useful skills for players. With these skills, players can quickly level up.

Players should be mindful of the best professions for their class, as they could waste time on a profession that will not be as beneficial.

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