Leaving a Guild in Classic WOW

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When World of Warcraft launched a few months ago, players flocked to the servers. As time went on, players soon joined together to create alliances, or guilds. Teaming up with like-minded players allow for a great overall experience in Classic WOW.

Creating a guild allows players to enjoy the game world with friends, and to make new friends in the online world. The guild system allows players a chance to become more immersed in the game and share in their game experience. Having a team of players are definitely useful when tackling some of the more challenging parts of the world Classic WOW.

Unfortunately, not all relationships last. Sometimes players need to move on from a group. Or maybe their goals have changed from that of those in the group.

How to form a Guild in Classic WOW

Before a player leaves a guild in Classic WOW they have to join or create a guild. This process is fairly easy for any player to do.

To form a guild, the first thing a player needs to do is create a guild charter. These charters can be bought in either an Alliance or Horde capital for 10 silver coins. Once the player has the charter they must get ten signatures on the guild charter.

Gaining the signatures in the game can be done in a couple of ways. If the player has a lot of friends in-game, all they need is to get ten of them to sign the charter. Players that do not have many friends in the game may also approach random players to sign their charter. The second method is also a great way to make new friends in the game.

Once the player has ten signatures they officially have Classic WOW guild. Once the ten signatures are collected, players are free to leave and join the guild.

Leaving A Guild in Classic WOW

So a player has joined a guild and start off having a good time. But what if they start not getting along with the other members of the guild? What if the other players want to follow a questline or objective that does not interest the player? Maybe the player joined the guild to help someone to get their ten signatures to start their guild, but would rather tackle the game solo.

As simple as creating a guild is in Classic WOW, it is even simpler to leave one. All a player has to do is open the chat window in guild chat. Once they have guild chat open, they enter “/gquit” into the command bar.

This simple step will remove the player from the guild and whatever activity that guild is currently taking part in. If a player is worried about negative effects their leaving may have on the guild’s gameplay, have no fear. Leaving a guild will not impact the rest of the guild members; though they may miss your presence.

Once a player has left a guild they have several options before them in Classic WOW. They could start their own guild. Perhaps they have another friend that needs their help getting a guild started. Or, maybe they are going to explore the game on their own.

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