How to Use Fairy Rings in OSRS

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Getting Started

OSRS Fairy RingThe fairy rings are one of the fastest ways to get around Old School RuneScape. These rings make up a transportation network that not only goes to remote sites but other realms as well. There are 45 teleportation rings in all, and you will appreciate the fast travel once you have access.

But before you even start thinking about how to use fairy rings, there are some quests to complete. These are The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Nature Spirit, Lost City, and Fairy Tale 1 – Growing Pains.

How to Use Fairy Rings – Getting a Dramen Staff

In order to use the fairy rings, you will need to be carrying a Dramen staff. Getting a Dramen staff is a bit of a quest in itself. In fact, a Dramen staff is a quest item from the Lost City quest. This is the last quest before the Fairy Tale 1 quest to complete, so you can use the fairy rings.

So to get the staff, you must start the Lost City quest. In this quest, you will first talk to a Leprechaun. He will tell you that you need to chop off a branch from a Dramen tree to make it. He will also tell you the Dramen tree is located in the dungeon of Entrana.

A 36 Woodcutting is required to chop off the branch from the tree in the Entrana Dungeon. You must also kill Zombies to get the axe, then kill the tree spirit to cut off the branch. To make the staff requires a 31 level Crafting and a knife.

How to Use Fairy Rings – Getting There

Once you have your Dramen staff, you will be able to go to the land of Zanaris. This is where the fairies live and where you will be able to complete the Fairy Tale 1 quest.

You must also start the Fairy Tale 2 – Cure a Queen quest, but do not need to finish it. You only have to go talk to the Fairy Godfather about how to find the missing queen. This is when he’ll tell you it’s alright for you to use the fairy rings to find her. After you talk to the coordinator about how to use the fairy rings, you are ready to start teleporting.

As you are playing OSRS, you will find the locations of the rings to be scattered around the landscape. So you may require the use of magic spells and items like capes, cloaks, and amulets to get to them.

There are also different fairy ring codes that will help you teleport to where you want to go. Once you input a code from the fairy ring in Zanaris, it will be in your travel log. Then all you have to do then is click on the code and you will be teleported.

Note: You can also complete the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary to gain access to the fairy rings. Or you can build a fairy ring in your Superior Garden if you have a level 85 Construction.

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