How to Unlearn a Profession in World of Warcraft Classic

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One aspect of gaming in World of Warcraft Classic is learning a Profession. Professions have many advantages for players and help to customize their gaming experience. Professions allow players to earn money in the game and allows them to get specific gear for their professions.

Learning professions are a huge investment of time, and in some cases money, for a player. It is important to choose a profession that will be beneficial to their play style. Some easy to gain professions in the early stages of the game may not be desirable as a player continues further in the game. If a player chooses a profession and decides that they want to change their profession, they are able to do that.

What follows is a brief explanation of professions and how to learn them. Then we will explain how to unlearn a profession.

Types of Professions

There are several categories of professions in Classic WOW. Each category has its advantages for players, as well as disadvantages. Depending on a player’s play-style, one category may be better suited for them than others. Players are allowed to learn up to two professions at a time.

Crafting professions allow players to create items in the game. Crafting involves taking raw materials to create items such as weapons and armor. This skill can be used to create items to sell to other players or NPCs, as well as items for their own use. Crafting professions include blacksmithing, tailoring, alchemy, leatherworking, engineering, and enchanting.

Gathering professions involve gathering of materials. This profession is good for when players are leveling. They can also sell items to vendors and auction houses. Players can also duel-skill with crafting to increase their profits. Gathering professions include mining, herbalism, and skinning.

Players can also learn all three secondary professions. These professions are first aid, fishing, and cooking.

Learning a Profession

To learn a profession in Classic WOW, a player must first find a trainer. Trainers for various professions can be found all over the game world. If a player does not want to wander aimlessly to find a trainer, they should head to a city. Cities will allow you to find a trainer for any profession in the game.  Once in a city, they can speak to a guard. The guard will guide them to the nearest trainer for whatever profession they need.

Unlearning a Profession

Much like in the real world, some players may want to change their profession. To unlearn a profession and start training on a new one, the process is pretty simple.

Players need to open their Character Info page. Click on the Skills tab and find the profession they wish to unlearn. They can then click the unlearn button on the right side of the bar. This will allow the player to unlearn the skill.

Once a player has unlearned a skill, they will lose all the progress they have made for that profession. If a player decides they want to relearn a profession, they will start back at level 1. This is something to be aware of when unlearning a profession.

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