How to Start Slayer and Advance in OSRS

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How to start slayer in Old School RuneScape is on every new player’s mind. This is because by meeting a Slayer Master and getting assignments, you can advance in OSRS much faster.

What is Slayer Skill?

Slayer in OSRS -Turael, Krystilia, MazchnaSlayer skill is essentially killing monsters and getting points for it from a Slayer Master. The Slayer Master is the one who assigns the kills, based on the combat level of the player.

Your assigned monsters might be protected from damage – another advantage to learning how to start slayer. These monsters can also have valuable and rare drops. Slayer experience is awarded every time a monster is killed. Combat experience is awarded as well. So any player will benefit from learning slayer skill in Old School RuneScape.

How to Start Slayer – First Contact

The first Slayer Master (and also the easiest) is Turael. He is located in Southeast Burthorpe. You can get there by hot-air balloon or a games necklace if you have one. Turael is the Slayer Master you should meet first when you want to learn how to start slayer. This is because you do not need a combat level to learn how to start slayer with Turael.

His slayer assignments are easy but will not get you any points. This is doesn’t matter though if you are learning how to start slayer. The first four tasks don’t earn points anyway, only the ability to start earning points on the fifth assignment.

Turael can also change a difficult slayer assignment given another Slayer Master into an easier one.  However, this will put an end to your task streak.

A task streak is something to keep in mind if you want to get more slayer points faster. This is because you get bonus points for tasks completed in a row on every 10th, 50th, 100th, etc.

How to Start Slayer – Your Next Move

Once you have finished with Turael, you will be ready to start earning slayer points.This means moving onto a Slayer Master who can give assignments for points.

The only other Slayer Master that doesn’t require any combat points is Krystilia. Her slayer tasks occur out in the Wilderness though, where other players can kill you.

It is better to go with Mazchna, who requires a 20 Combat level for assignments. His assignments are easy and close to his location. This makes it faster to start a new assignment when you are just learning how to start slayer.

The next slayers up from Mazchna will give you harder assignments. These will be worth more slayer points and give you better monster drops.

How to Start Slayer – Slayer Equipment

As you advance, you will need to purchase slayer equipment. You can purchase any slayer equipment you need from your Slayer Master using the slayer points you are earning. A Slayer Master will tell you what equipment you need for an assignment. If you don’t need any special equipment, a Slayer Master will give you tips on killing a monster.

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