How to Make Ultracompost in OSRS

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Ultracompost in OSRS is the most potent of composts. This compost increases a player’s Farming skill and reduces the risk of crops gaining disease. It also increases crop yields and the player gains 38 Farming experience whenever a bucket of ultracompst is used.

Creating Compost in OSRS

ultracompost bucketThe first step to creating ultracompost is creating compost. Regular compost is the lowest level of compost and the building block for the other levels.

You’ll find compost bins next to allotments, flower, and herb patches. You can fill these bins with fifteen items to create compost. You create basic compost by using weeds and basic produce. The rotting process will create compost in 35 to 50 minutes. You can then harvest it using buckets. Compost can be upgraded to other composts, but you can use it for other things as well. For example, you can use it to create sulphurous fertilizer and saltpeter to gain Hosidius’s favor in the kingdom of Great Kourend.

The next level up is supercompost. You can create supercompost using higher-level farming products such as pineapples, coconut shells, herbs, and tree roots. You add these items to regular produce to create supercompost, which is a higher level compost for higher yield products. If you have a compost potion, you can use it on a regular level bin of compost to create supercompost.

With the supercompost, you can increase the yield of high valued products. As with ultracompost, you should not use supercompost with lower level products.

Creating Ultracompost in OSRS

You can make ultracompost using two volcanic ash and bucket of supercompost. You create one bucket of ultracompost this way.

If you want to make it in a compost bin, you need to add 25 volcanic ash to a bin of supercompost. Once you’ve created it using this method, you can collect it using a bucket. You’ll then gain 10 Farming experience for each bucket you create.

If you gain and read the Ash Covered Tome in Pete’s Petrified Orb Shop on Fossil Island, you can cast an enhanced Fertile Soil Spell. This spell will give the effects of ultracompost if you have two volcanic ash in your inventory.

Uses for Ultracompost in OSRS

The ultracompost increases crop yields and resistance to disease. Much like with supercompost, you should only use it with high yield crop patches. I’d recommend using hops and herbs with ultracompost. Also crops such as watermelons that have a high reward cost are good for ultracompost. It can also be used with underwater seaweed patches, as well us harvesting Celastrus bark from grown Celastrus seeds.

The ultracompost will not increase the yield of crops such as trees, fruit, and bush patches. I don’t recommend using ultracompost on these garden crops as there is no extra benefit beyond the 36 experience points, especially if you hire a gardener to watch over the crops.

Players can also use it to make money in the game. Fossil Island will buy ultracompost from players, though the value fluctuates much like a real world market.


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