How to Lock in Favor in the Great Kourend

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Help rebuild the statue of King Rada I to help lock in favor in the Great KourendThe Great Kourend is an OSRS kingdom in Zeah with five different ruling houses. To gain access to different features in Kourend, you have to lock in favor with each of these houses. However, there is a catch. As you gain favor with one house, you will lose favor in another.

So how to lock in favor with all of them at the same time is the question. Locking in approval from all five houses—Arceuus, Piscarilius, Lovakengj, Shayzien, and Hosidius—is your goal.

Only then you will be able to move about freely in the Great Kourend.

The Client of Kourend Quest

To start gaining favor in Kourend, it is wise to start with the Client of Kourend quest. Once you finish it, you will have 20 percent of the favor in any of the five houses you choose. This is a novice-level Old School RuneScape quest of medium length and will help you familiarize yourself with Kourend. Then you can start the more serious task of locking in 100 percent favor with all five houses.

The Architectural Alliance Miniquest

To gain favor in the Kingdom of Kourend, you must complete tasks for the people. In the Architectural Alliance miniquest, you will help rebuild the statue of King Rada I. You will do this with the favor of all five houses. However, you must lock in favor with each house once you finish their tasks to keep their favor.

The first person you will talk to in the Architectural Alliance miniquest is Hosa. Hosa is the Hosidius architect. He will tell you that you must complete the tasks for each house up to 100% approval. Then you must talk with the architect of that house to lock in favor.

Only then can you move on to the tasks for the next house. Once you have 100% approval in all five houses, you have completed the miniquest.

How to Lock in Favor – The Tasks to Complete

  1. For the House of Piscarilius, you will complete the Queen of Thieves quest (short, novice). Then you will kill sandworms until you reach 100%. Speak to architect Pillar to lock in favor.
  2. For the House of Shayzien, you will heal soldiers and kill lizardmen. Then complete the Tale of the Righteous quest. Talk to architect Shayda to lock it in.
  3. For the House of Arceuus, you can work in the library. You will be assisting patrons and finding dark manuscripts for Horphis. Speak to architect Arcis to lock it in.
  4. For the House of Lovakengj, you will mine volcanic sulfur and take mine cart control scrolls to mine cart operators. You will talk to architect Lovada to lock it in.
  5. For the House of Hosidius, you will plow the fields and make compost. You can finish the Depth of Despair quest for additional favor. Talk to architect Hosa to lock in favor.

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