How to Get to Miscellania in OSRS the Easiest Way

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Why Go to Miscellania?

Miscellania in OSRSBefore you think about how to get to Miscellania, you should think about why you are going there. Miscellania is one of two small islands located off the coast of northeastern Fremennik Province. The other island is Etceteria.

If you want to become a Prince or Princess of Miscellania, you can complete the Throne of Miscellania quest. If you are popular the locals here will work for you.

However, any of the work you do here will only strengthen your reputation with the local people. You will receive no OSRS inventory for any work you do and no Old School RuneScape experience either. That is unless you can grow and harvest in the bush patch or the spirit tree patch. This is where you can up your Farming level.

So learning how to get to Miscellania is more about your standing than growing your inventory or gaining experience.

How to Get There

There are several ways to get to the island. The first is the free boat from Rellekka, which is the capital of the province of Fremennik. Rellekka is a remote city and can be a tiresome journey for the novice player. Also, in order to take the free boat to the island, you have to complete the Fremennik Trials quest.

Taking the free boat from Rellekka is for players who haven’t been to Miscellania yet. It is also for players who are not as experienced, but there is opportunity here. Because while Rellekka is a tedious journey for novice players, it is a profitable place to stay.

This is because Rellekka is a good place to train an assortment of skills and access other desirable areas easily. To do this, also get a pair of Fremennik sea boots 2 or better to get around easier.

How to Get There – Other Ways

If you are a higher level player, there are other ways of how to get to the island. This is also true if you have already been and would like to go back and forth.

For a more direct route, you can complete the Throne of Miscellania quest. (This is an experienced quest of medium length.) When you have completed it, you can use a charged ring of wealth to teleport there. Getting a ring of wealth first requires level 68 magic. The Fountain of Rune is where it can be charged for teleporting.

If you have grown a spirit tree in the kingdom of Miscellania, you can use it to teleport there. First, though, you have to have 83 Farming. This makes it a good idea to work in the spirit tree patch for a while on your first visit there.

A code c•i•p fairy ring will also get you there. This will land you in Miscellania north of the castle. You will still have to complete the Fremennik Trials to us this fairy ring. To get a fairy ring, you will have to start the Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen quest.

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