How to Get to Kourend in OSRS

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Great KourendIf you are looking for a way of how to get to Kourend, there are many options. However, this great kingdom is located on the continent of Zeah, far across the Western Sea from the mainland. This means you will have to go by boat, teleport, or by actually moving your player-owned house there.

Although any level player can go to Kourend, only members with full access to Old School RuneScape are allowed.

Once you arrive, you will find there is a favour system in place. What this means is that most of the features in the kingdom are locked until you complete some favours. These are activities you will perform in each city to access its features.

How to Get to Kourend by Boat

If you go by boat, you will first need to go to Port Sarim. There you will speak to Veos, a treasure hunter and portmaster. He is located just south of the Rusty Anchor Inn near a jetty.

Veos will take you in a boat to the Great Kourend. Once there, he can either drop you off at Port Piscarilius or Land’s End. Port Piscarilius is in the eastern part of the city of Piscarilius. Land’s End is close to the Kourend Woodland at the south-western docks.

How to Get there by Moving Your P.O.H.

If you have a player-owned house, you can simply move it there. This will cost you 8,500 coins, landing your house north of the coal fields in the city of Hosidius.

You can also combine a teleport-to-house tablet with a scroll of redirection to create a Hosidius teleport tablet. To do either, you will need a level 25 construction.

How to Get there by Teleports

If you are using teleporting to get to Kourend, this can be a little more of an involved process.

For example, you can use fairy ring code c•i•s to transport north of the Arceuus library. You will have to give a one-time payment to Trossa of 80,000 coins to use this teleport. And you will also have to start the quest of the Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen. Plus, you will need consent from the Fairy Godfather to use the fairy rings.

You can also use the fairy ring code d•j•r. This will teleport you to Shayzien, near the Chasm of Fire.

A Few Other Ways to Get to Kourend

There are also OSRSquests you can complete in order to teleport to Kourend. The first is the Client of Kourend quest. You will receive a book called Kharedst’s memoirs, which has rechargeable trips to use for teleporting. That is after you complete certain other quests in the kingdom.

Players having Xeric’s talisman can charge it with fangs from the lizardmen to teleport to Lovakengj, Hosidius, or Shayzien. Players can also use a Skills or Games necklace as a way of how to get to Kourend.

And finally, players can use the mine car transportation system. This is after speaking with Miriam and gaining 65% favour in Lovakengj.

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