How to Get to Fossil Island in OSRS

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Fossil Island is a members-only area of RuneScape which opens up several new quests and areas to explore. It is an uncharted area on the map and can be difficult for players to find. However, there are a few possible ways for players to reach Fossil Island. Completing tasks on the island rewards the player with fossils as well as other unique items.

The Island is part of an archipelago of seven islands. You can reach it only after can completing several quests in OSRS. The island is a unique environment allowing players that access the area opportunities to build various skills.

Unlocking Fossil Island

The first step in unlocking Fossil Island is to complete the Bon Voyage Quest. This quest is part of the Dragon Slayer II in OSRS and will equip the player with the Digsite pendant. You can then use this pendant to transport yourself to Fossil Island.

Using the Digsite Pendant

The Digsite is an area east of Varrock in which several university students are taking part in an archeological dig. For helping the students, the player receives a pendant. The pendant can be used to transport the player to various areas, including Fossil Island. Using the pendant will teleport the player to the digsite barge where they can then talk to the barge guard, Lead Navigator, and Junior Navigator. After speaking with the Junior Navigator, the barge will take you to Fossil Island.

The pendant can also send the user to the House on the Hill, located north of the Museum Camp. Inside the house there is a Magic Mushtree which can unlock the Mycelium Transportation System. This system allows the player to travel around Fossil Island using the Mushtrees. You activate this route only after walking to the location and activating it the first time.

Getting to Fossil Island without the Digsite Pendant

If the user does not have the Digsite Pendant, they have other options! For example, you can attempt to use the Glider transportation system and Spirit Tree transportation. Alternatively, the Spirit Tree system can be unlocked after completing the Tree Gnome Village quest by helping King Bolren defeat the Khazard troops. The Glider is then available after completing the Grand Tree quest. Using the trees, the player transports from Varrock to the Gnome Stonghold.

Once there, climb the Spirit Tree and equip the glider. Glide to Lemanto Andra, a castle close to the Digsite barge area. The user can then follow the same conversation path with the guard, Lead Navigator, and Junior Navigator.

Welcome to Fossil Island

Once the player has reached the island, several new areas are available to explore. The Museum Camp is the first area that the player can build up with Construction. The Mushroom Forest and Tar Swamp allow for combat skill building and battling unique enemies. The Volcano, Underwater, and House on The Hill provide more areas to explore and skills and items to receive.  The island also has several mini-tasks, allowing the player to become familiar and explore Fossil Island.


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