How to Get to Canifis in Old School RuneScape

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Priest in Peril Quest - The Paterdomus ChurchHow to get to the town of Canifis depends on why you are going there and your player level in OSRS. There are several different reasons to go to the town, including obtaining items. This small town is also known as the town of Kharyrll. Which means the Canifis teleport is sometimes referred to as the Kharyrll teleport.

If it’s your first time going there, you are probably a lower-level player looking for slayer reward points. These are earned by completing tasks for Mazchna, the second slayer master. If you’re a higher-level player who knows how to get there, you may be hunting level 88 werewolves.

How to Get There Without the Canifis Teleport

No matter what your player level, no one can go to Canifis without completing the Priest in Peril quest. This is a novice-level, medium-length quest for members only. So until you become a member, you cannot learn how to get there.

Once you complete the Priest in Peril quest, you will get the Wolfbane dagger. This will help you fight the people of Canifis without turning them into werewolves.

Although, if you are a low-level player without 66 Magic or Ancient Magicks, you’ll have to walk to Canifis. This can be wearisome, especially if you are going to complete slaying tasks for Mazchna. So be prepared to go the distance.

How to Get There Using the Canifis Teleport

If you are a higher-level player you may be able to use the Canifis Teleport (Kharyrll teleport). You will need 66 Magic to use Ancient Magicks, which is the easiest way to get to Canifis.

Ancient Magicks is a spellbook that contains 9 teleports including the Canifis Teleport. There are also 16 combat spells, which always come in handy. To get Ancient Magicks, you must complete the Desert Treasure quest and seven others. This includes the Priests in Peril quest.

How to Get There with Your Own Portal

The Town of Canifis - Old School RuneScapeYou can also build a portal to Canifis of your own. That is if you have Ancient Magicks and can use the Canifis Teleport. So this method is for very high-level players.

This is because you have to have a player-owned house with a portal chamber. Along with 50 construction, you can build a portal and simply aim it towards Canifis. Keep in mind, though, you will need 100 blood runes and 200 law runes to teleport this way. This is as opposed to using Ancient Magicks, where you’ll only need 1 blood rune and 1 law rune.

As you can see, getting there requires laying some groundwork. However, you will also notice that many of the quests and items needed to advance player levels overlap. When you are playing Old School RuneScape, You will often find this to be the case. This makes every quest not only meaningful but also related to your overall objectives.

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