How to Get to Ardougne Faster in OSRS

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There are many higher-level quests that will lead you to the Kingdom of Kandarin in OSRS. So it would be wise for any player to know how to get to Ardougne, its capital. This is a members-only area in OSRS and the thieving capital of Old School RuneScape.

The city is also split into two halves, east and west. Most players start with East Ardougne. This is because you must partially complete the Plague City quest to gain access to West Ardougne.

How to Get to East Ardougne

East ArdougneThe fastest way of how to get to East Ardougne in OSRS is to use the Ardougne teleport. However, you will have to have completed the Plague City quest in West Ardougne to access it. You will receive a magic scroll for teleporting once you complete this quest.

You can teleport to Camelot if you are level 45 magic. From there, it is an easy walk to Ardougne in Old School RuneScape. Or, you can use the Edgeville teleport lever. It is south of the bank and east of the yew trees in the southern section of Edgeville. This will take you to the Deserted Keep, in the deep Wilderness members’ section of OSRS. Pull the lever here and you will teleport right to the city.

If you can’t teleport, let’s look at other ways to get to East Ardougne in OSRS. If you’re walking, you can start in Falador and go west on the path to go to Taverley. Keep going west through Catherbury and over Whitewolf Mountain until you get to Seers Village. Continue west on the path until you reach the city. In total, this should take you about 3-5 minutes.

An easier way, if you are near port Sarim, is to charter a boat. You can sail to Port Khazard and walk from there. This will set you back about 1,280 gold pieces. Although as a more advanced OSRS player, you can get lower prices. For example, you can complete the Cabin Fever quest to get discounts.

How to Get to West Ardougne

Getting to the general location of West Ardougne is the same as the east part of the city. That is until you get there. Then you will have to partially complete the Plague City quest to get into West Ardougne. Once you have started the quest, you can enter this part of the city in several ways.

You can use the pipe under NPC Elena’s house. There is also a shortcut over the wall between the two cities. Omart is the NPC who can help you over the wall during Biohazard. Biohazard is the continuation of the Plague City quest. Once you have completed Biohazard, the main gate from East Ardougne will be open to you.

If you have 60% Arceuus favor (and you have completed Biohazard), you can use the Arceuus spellbook. This will allow you to cast the spell for the West Ardougne teleport.

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