How to Get the Slayer Helmet in OSRS

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The Slayer Helmet is a piece of headgear in Old School Runescape that is made from other pieces of slayer gear. The helm adds a melee boost while the player is on Slayer assignments. The helmet also adds to the players other Slayer gear that they have equipped. The helmet requires a level 10 Defense skill to equip.

Making the Slayer Helmet in OSRS

OSRS Slayer HelmetThe first step in creating the Slayer Helmet is to get the malevolent masquerade ability from a Slayer master. This step will cost the player 400 Slayer points. The player must have a 55 Crafting in order to create the helmet.

The player needs a black mask, which provides a s16.67% melee boost. The black mask is a random item drop from cave horrors. If the player has 1,250,000 Nightmare Zone points, they can upgrade the black mask to a black mask (i); this upgrade gains the player a 15% bonus in Ranged and Magic. The black mask (i) will also lose charges as it is used.

Earmuffs are used to deafen the banshee’s screams. These items can be purchased from a Slayer master.

A face mask is used to help the player breath during the Smoke Dungeon and Smoke Devil Dungeon. This can also be purchased from a Slayer master. A facemask can also be found in Great Kourend in a cage in the uppermost level of Castle Kourend.

A nose peg blocks the stench of aberrant specters. This is very useful when fighting the powerful aberrant specters. Nose pegs may be bought from a Slayer master.

A spiny helmet is useful when in the Lumbridge Swamp Cave and will add protection against wall beasts. This item is found with any Slayer master.

Finally an enchanted gem allows for players to check in with their Slayer master. They can check for updates, tips, and track their progress on assignments. Slayer masters have these items for sale.

Once the player has the required items, they can assemble the Slayer Helmet. This item is extremely useful during all slayer missions.

Disassembling the Helmet

Is a player wishes to dissemble the Slayer helmet, right clicking on the item will break it down to its component parts. The player can also reassemble it.

Upgrading the Slayer Helmet

Players also have the option to upgrade the helmet using Nightmare Zone points. The Slayer helmet (i) gives the player a 15% Ranged and Magic boost. The player also receives a +10 defense bonus, +3 magic bonus, and +3 ranged attack bonus.

With 1,000 slayer rewards points, players can also customize the color (purple, black, green, red, and turquoise) of their Slayer helmet. Each color requires a special item to unlock it and the player must us points each time to unlock the color choice.  The colors have no bonuses and are purely ascetic.


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