How to Get Rune Pouch From a Slayer Master in OSRS

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Learning how to get rune pouch is one of the fundamentals of playing Old School RuneScape, especially if you are a member who wants to become a higher-level player. This because, technically, you earn a rune pouch rather than purchase it.

Although there is a way around this. Instead of earning points for a rune pouch, you can purchase it for about 4,418,496 gold coins. But let’s look at what you have to do to earn it first.

What Is a Rune Pouch?

OSRS Rune PouchA rune pouch is simply an item you obtain to hold your runes. Runes are small magical stones that you use to cast spells. There are different kinds of runes including earth, fire, water, air and many others. Runes are used with the magic skill and can be combined to cast spells.

Free players can obtain some types of runes, but only members can earn a rune pouch. Storing runes in the rune pouch saves a member on inventory space. The pouch can store up to 16,000 runes of three separate kinds.

How to Earn One

To get an OSRS rune pouch, you must first reach out to a slayer master. A slayer master is the one who will give you tasks to earn slayer points. The slayer points are what you use to purchase the pouch to store the runes. The cost is 1,250 slayer points. Now you can see why this is much better than buying one with coins. As well, by completing tasks for the slayer master, you will raise your slayer level.

There is a strategy here to get your pouch faster. If you have no experience whatsoever, it is best to start with Turael, as his tasks are the easiest.  You don’t get any points, but you do get some practice. However, if you do have some points, do not go to Turael. Any tasks you complete for him will wipe out any points you are working on.

If you want some slayer points but have no combat or slayer level, you can go to Krystilia. Her tasks are all performed in the wilderness, though. And as her tasks are counted separately, you will have to perform 5 tasks before you get any slayer points.

Besides Turael, Mazchna is one of the other slayer masters with relatively easy tasks to perform. However, you must have a combat level 20 to perform tasks for him.

These are the three best slayers to start with to learn how to slay. There are a number of other slayers, with higher requirements, harder tasks, and more slayer points to give out.

How to Buy One

When you have 1,250 slayer points, you can buy your rune pouch directly from a slayer master. Or you can also purchase it from the Bounty Hunter Store for 1,200,000 points total. This can be a combination of mysterious emblems (bought from the Grand Exchange) and slayer points. You cannot directly pay coins as a way of how to get rune pouch.

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