How to Get Kudos Faster When You Play OSRS

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Varock Museum KudosKudos, although they have no monetary value, will help you get other things when you play OSRS. There are many ways to earn them, and they are available to both free players and members alike. Although, naturally, there are more ways for members to learn how to get Kudos than free players.

What are Kudos?

Like in real life, Kudos in Old School RuneScape are compliments paid to someone who has achieved honor. However, in OSRS, the kudos you earn get you points which help you gain access and experience. These are rewards which will help you get ahead faster in the game.

Where and How to Get Kudos in OSRS

Kudos are earned at the Varrock Museum, up to a maximum of 225. They are given out by the museum staff as rewards when a player completes a certain task or quest. The tasks include cleaning finds from the Dig Site, taking a natural history quiz, or complete the fossil displays. Then there are three different quests that free players can complete, and about ten quests for members.

How to Get Kudos in OSRS Faster

Having an organized way of how to get Kudos in OSRS will make it go quicker. This is because, in order to get them, you will have to do other things first. For example, you can’t finish displays in the museum until you complete the Bon Voyage quest. This is a quest you must finish to get access to the members-only Fossil Island. Then you need a minimum of 100 Kudos to gain access to the island.

So the easiest way of how to get them is to start by taking the natural history quiz. This is a quiz about the different creatures in OSRS. The answers to the quiz are on the plaques of the exhibits located in the museum basement. You only have to answer three questions correctly on each exhibit to earn two Kudos. If you complete all fourteen exhibits, you will have 28 of them right off the bat. Plus, you also earn 1,000 Slayer and 1,000 Hunter experience when you talk to Orlando Smith about the quiz.

Demon Slayer OSRS

Quests to start with (to learn how to get Kudos) are Demon Slayer, Rune Mysteries and Shield of Arrav. These are novice quests and require fewer items and lower skill levels. These are free-to-play quests, but members can start with A Tail of Two Cats or Hazeel Cult.

An intermediate quest for members of OSRS to tackle next would be the Dig Site quest. The Dig Site quest is important because you will need to complete before you can clean fossil finds.

How to Get Your Rewards

You generally get Kudos rewards after you have talked to someone at the museum about your work. The conversation will be about a completed quest, some fossils you have cleaned, or about the quiz. After the recap with a museum member, you will be rewarded more Kudos and gain more experience.

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