How to Get Ice Gloves in OSRS

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The Ice Gloves are monster drop items in Old School Runescape which the player can obtain by killing the Ice Queen. The Gloves are a key to completing the Hero’s Quest, and are useful in several other quests as well. You do not have to start the Hero’s Quest to unlock the Ice Gloves.

Finding and Defeating the Ice Queen

OSRS Ice GlovesThe Ice Queen is found in White Wolf Mountain. The mountain is found between Taverly and Catherby. You will need to use a pick axe and have a mining skill of 50 in order to cut through the rock to the Ice Queen’s chamber. Once you have made your way to her chamber, you will find the Queen protected by several ice warriors, which can make the battle difficult for lower level players.

Though the Ice Queen is a higher-level enemy, she can be defeated in several ways. She have a vulnerability to both fire and poison. Fire spells are highly useful if your magic skill is high enough. The chamber also has several hiding spots where she and her minions will not be able to reach. These are good spots to heal, use ranged attacks, or wait for poison to drain her health.

Once she is defeated, the Ice Queen will drop the Ice Gloves.

Once you have the gloves, you can replace them if they are lost or destroyed. You can either retrieve them from the Quest Item Storage at the Quest Point Caravan if you have completed the Hub track. If you have not completed that part, you can defeat the Ice Queen again to get the other pair of Ice Gloves.

The Hero’s Quest

The Ice Gloves are an important tool in completing the Hero’s Quest missions. They are needed specifically to handle the fire feather after killing the Entrana firebird. This will aid in completing the rest of the steps in the Hero’s Quest. The fire feather can only be obtained during the Hero’s Quest mission and cannot be obtained againlater.

Other Uses for the Ice Gloves in OSRS

There are several other uses for the Ice Gloves that can help in completing other missions and quests. They can be used to obtain the Black Cog in the Clock Tower in place of a bucket of water. During the Desert Treasure quest, the Ice Gloves allows you to use Ice Arrows to defeat Fareed. The gloves are also helpful during the Recipe for Disaster quest in defeating Culinaromancer by using the gloves to freeze him.

The Ice Gloves are also needed if you want to catch infernal eels. The eels are located at Mor Ul Rek, and when caught can be broken apart to gain several useful items (10-20 Tokkul, an onyx bolt tip, and 1-5 lava scale shards). The lava scales are useful in creating antifires. The Ice Gloves are useful when using the Blast Furnace in Keldagrim. Instead of using a bucket of water, you can use the Ice Gloves to remove hot metal bars from the furnace.

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