How to Get Dwarven Rock Cake in OSRS

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In the OSRS Recipe for Disaster quest, there are ten subquests which range from easy to difficult. However, the first subquest in Recipe for Disaster is short and easy. This is the Freeing the Mountain Dwarf subquest. For this subquest, all you need to do is learn how to get rock cake – specifically, dwarven rock cake.

Then you will need to give the mountain dwarf the dwarven rock cake in order to free him.

How to Get Rock Cake – Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

There is only one way to get rock cake if you want dwarven rock cake. That is to complete the Freeing the Mountain Dwarf subquest. To start the subquest, you will inspect the Mountain Dwarf in Lumbridge Castle.

Dwarven Rock Cake looks similar to a traditional British rock cake.Then, you will go to Falador and talk to a barmaid about how to get rock cake. She will give you the recipe for an ale that will get a dwarf drunk. Once the dwarf is drunk, he will make it for you if you have 100 gold coins. You will need ice gloves to pick up the cake because it will be hot. Or, you can kill an ice fiend and their breath will cool the cake as they die. Lastly, you can put it in your Old School RuneScape bank and let it cool for about four hours.

After the quest is over, you can pay the dwarf (Rohak) for each additional dwarven rock cake you want. Nevertheless, you will have to cool each cake and drop it separately. You cannot stack them on the table. Otherwise, the dwarven cake on the bottom will despawn and you will lose it.

How It Is Used

The dwarven rock cake can also be used to deplete your own hitpoints while wearing Dharok’s armour. Eating one while wearing the armour will diminish your hitpoints in increments of 1.

The lower your hitpoints, the higher damage you can inflict when you are fully-equipped with the armour. So if you go from 99 hitpoints down to 1, the armour will deal 98% higher damage to your opponent.

This method of Dharoking is quick because the cake is not destroyed when you eat it. So it can be re-eaten as many time as you like without delay. Sometimes you’ll use one with Dharoking when training with the monkey guards. This is because they require a higher level of damage to be killed.

Other Ways It Is Used

But more often than not, the rock cakes are used with Absorption potions in the Nightmare Zone minigame. By wearing Dharok’s equipment and getting down to 1 hitpoint, you will get maximum effect from your absorption potions.  And a dwarven rock cake can be used with other armour setups and forms of combat as well. This makes completing the Freeing the Mountain Dwarf subquest worth it.

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