How to Get Dragon Defender in OSRS

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How to get dragon defender is the question every higher level OSRS player asks themselves. There is good reason for this. With the exception of the Avernic defender, the dragon defender is the most powerful off-hand weapon you can have. As such, it is not that easy to acquire. But as any player can tell you – it’s worth it.

What is Dragon Defender?

Dragon defender is the last and highest of the eight defenders you can acquire from the Warriors’ Guild. And as it is only dropped by the cyclops in the Warrior’s Guild, it is also a rare defender.

Players holding Dragon DefenderSo it is much more than an ordinary off-hand weapon. It is held in the shield slot, but can be used for dual wielding along with its shield abilities. But what players really appreciate about this powerful defender is the higher attack and defense bonuses it delivers. It also supplies an accuracy boost of 3 percent.

Dragon defender can be improved ornamentally, but with no additional bonuses. It can also be made into the more powerful Avernic defender by using it with an Avernic defender hilt. Using the Avernic defender hilt with the dragon defender means even higher attack and defense bonuses.

How to Get One – Required Skills and Items

To get a dragon defender, you must be able to enter the cyclops’s chamber in the Warriors’ Guild. This requires a combined total level 130, between strength and attack combined.

You should also have a defense level 60 to wear the armor required to wield this defender. This can include many combinations of armor. Just as long as you have a high enough level to get and use the defender. Examples of armor to wear would be a berserker helmet, dragon chainbody, obsidian cape, obsidian shield, and dragon boots.

How to Get One – Strategy

Again, the dragon defender is a rare drop from the cyclops in the basement of the Warriors’ Guild. So obtaining unlimited access to their chamber is the first thing to do.

This is accomplished by showing your rune defender to Lorelei. You only have to do this one time. But you must have a rune defender before you can get a dragon defender.

Once you have unlimited access to the chamber of the cyclopes, you can train in combat with them directly. The strategy here is that the more you train with them, the more skilled you will become in fighting them.

Congratulations you've found a Dragon defender!

As well, the more you train the better the chances they will drop the dragon defender. This because if you fight the cyclops with a rune defender, it may cause them to spawn. The more cyclopes there are, the better the odds for a drop.

Keep in mind, though, the drop rate for the dragon defender is one in every hundred kills. This makes getting one a little bit about luck as much as skill. You could get one on your first kill or on your hundred and ninety-ninth kill. But this is the challenge of playing Old School RuneScape!

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