How to Buy WoW Classic Gold!

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Party like it’s 2004! World of Warcraft Classic is here!

I don’t know about you, but here at Cheap Gold Now, we’re stoked WoW Classic has finally been released. I can’t stop playing!

And I’ve got great news for you! Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to get Vanilla WoW gold? It’s so important in the game and takes so much effort just to get a little. Well, that’s where we come in! Here at Cheap Gold Now, we sell the best value WoW Classic Gold!

WoW Classic Gold

What is WoW Classic?

World of Warcraft is the game that changed it all back when it first came out in 2004. WoW defined what it meant to be an MMORPG. It’s the king of MMORPGs!

In 2007, Blizzard Entertainment released their first expansion, The Burning Crusade. World of Warcraft Classic takes the game back to how it was before that expansion changed the game!

How do I get WoW Classic Gold?

The currency in World of Warcraft Classic is WoW Classic Gold—but you might also see it called WoW Vanilla Gold! You can earn gold in the game by farming, completing quests, selling stuff. You’ll need Classic WoW Gold—a lot of it!—to make progress in the game.

Buying Classic WoW gold from us couldn’t be easier! You get the same great service as always! Head to our checkout page to begin! Just fill out the form and select your payment.

We offer three delivery methods for your convenience—face-to-face, mail or in the auction house. Choose your preferred method during checkout!

Why Buy From Cheap Gold Now?

We know you have choices when it comes to buying World of Warcraft Classic Gold! We’ve been in the business for years and we pride ourselves on being honest, trustworthy and delivering you great service!

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