Getting to Crandor Island in the Dragon Slayer Quest

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If you are thinking about how to get to Crandor Island in Old School RuneScape, then you are preparing for the Dragon Slayer quest. This is because the only reason to go to Crandor is to slay the Dragon of Crandor, Elvarg. Unless, of course, you are searching for treasure trails clues at a later date. Or completing the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Elvarg on Crandor Island

Then you will know how to get to Crandor Island by way of the Karamja dungeon. You can unlock the passage between the two during the first Dragon Slayer quest.

Getting to the island of Crandor is for more experienced players. Although, it is also a great place for lower level players to practice killing monsters. The Dragon Slayer quest is open to free players as well as members. It is a bittersweet victory for free players though. This is the highest level quest they can complete without a membership.

How to Get to Crandor Island – Where to Start

You will start the Dragon Slayer quest at the Champions’ Guild. Here, you will talk to the Guildmaster about a quest. The guild is south of Varrock, and you must have at least 32 quest points to get in.

There are many more items you will need and other requirements to fulfill to get to Crandor Island. For example, you will have to have 33 magic and the ability to defeat a level 83 dragon. This is why the quest has an official Old School RuneScape difficulty level of “experienced.” OSRS has also officially classified this quest length as being “long.”

After talking to the Guildmaster about going on a quest, he will send you to Oziach for more information. Here is where Oziach will tell you that you must go to Crandor Island to defeat Elvarg the Dragon.

How to Get to Crandor Island – The Next Step

Now it is back to the Guildmaster where he will fill you in on what he probably already knew. If you have clued in by now, you will realize you must ask him as many questions as possible. Now he’ll tell you that you need a Crandor map, a boat, and an anti-dragon shield. But it will take a lot of questions to get this information. Make sure to ask him about buying a boat or else you will have to go back later.

Getting the Map

After you get the anti-dragon shield, it is time to get the Crandor map. You will find that it is in three pieces, of course. You must collect the three pieces by going to Melzar, Thalzar, and Lozar. This can be done in any order.

Sailing to the Island

Now it is time to take the Lady Lumbridge sailing vessel to Crandor Island. You will need to make repairs and find a captain (Ned) to help you sail it. Now you are ready to sail to the island and do battle with Elvarg the dragon. Good luck!

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