Dusty Key in OSRS – Three Different Ways to Get It!

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What Is the Dusty Key?

Dusty Key in Old School RuneScapeThe dusty key is an item you need to open the gate to the deeper parts of Taverley Dungeon. This includes the blue dragon area and the lesser demon area. So if you want to unlock this gate, you will need to know how to get the dusty key.

This key is also used to reach the lava eel fishing area if you don’t have level 70 agility. The key is a members-only item and cannot be traded or sold, although multiple copies can be acquired.

Why Go to the Blue Dragon Area?

The blue dragon area in the Taverley Dungeon is one of the most popular places to battle blue dragons. Blue dragons can also be found in the Ogre Enclave and the Heroes’ Guild. However, there is more groundwork involved to access these locations to battle blue dragons. As well, the blue dragon scales to make weapon poison potions can only be found in the Taverley Dungeon.

Higher-level players like to battle blue dragons because they are weaker dragons and good for training. Blue dragons also drop dragon bones and other essential items when killed. Blue dragon bones can be buried for 60 prayer experience.

How to Get Dusty Key – Method One

In this method, you will need to go to the Black knight’s prison. This is a prison which is located in the Taverley Dungeon and guarded by a level 39 jailer. The jailer must be killed to get the keys that will unlock the jail cell of Velrak the explorer. Velrak is the one who has the dusty key.

He will hand it over to you once you unlock his cell. Do not ask him for it, though. In order to get the dusty key, you must ask him about exploring new places in Old School RuneScape. Then you must also let him know that you are brave enough to go explore these places.

Method Two

To simply buy the dusty key, you can complete the Legends’ quest. This is a difficult master quest, and also has an official OSRS length that is considered long. However, once you complete it, you can go to the Legends’ Guild and purchase the key for one coin. This is the easiest way for advanced level players to get the key. That is if you have already completed the Legends’ quest.

Method Three

There is a dusty key that spawns close to the lava eel fishing spot in the Taverley Dungeon. This is a part of the deeper dungeon, so you will need a key for access to it. You can get this key if you have level 70 agility. Go to the entrance of the dungeon, where you will find the agility shortcut nearby. Use the shortcut, which takes you to the blue dragon area.  The lava eel fishing spot is just to the south, where you can get the key.

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