Demon Slayer – An Old School RuneScape Quest

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Sometimes you just need to kill a demon.

If that’s the kind of mood you’re in, then you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to be talking about a super fun quest in Old School RuneScape that will challenge you and test your skills in the game.

There is a long list of quests you can participate in. The Demon Slayer quest is free to play which means that just about anybody can be in on the action! But before we get to the quest itself, let’s look at what you will want to have on hand before you begin.

Required Skills & Items

You never want to go into a quest without first knowing what is going to be required of you concerning both skills and items. To participate in the Demon Slayer quest, you will need to have the ability to face a demon who is at level 27 and who is aided by 3 Dark Wizards (level 20) and 2 Dark Wizards (level 7). You will have to use the Silverlight blade (a very cool weapon).

These are the skills you need, but keep in mind the items that you will have to have on hand as well. These include:

  • 1 gold coin,
  • 25 bones,
  • 1 bucket of water that you can get during the quest.

Those are the only requireditems, but some other things to have on hand are armor (because, obviously), food (slaying demons is hungry work), and some way to teleport so that you can easily get to Varrock and the Wizards’ Tower. If you’re a member, that can be a Necklace of Passage which makes things easy.

The Quest Itself

Now you know what you’ll need to make this happen, let’s get into the story behind the quest.

The gypsy at the western side of Varrock Square is where you will begin. There you will learn that Delrith, a powerful demon, has been summoned once again, putting the world in great danger. It’s up to you to take him on and kill him before he can wreak havoc on the world.

Pro Tip: Make sure to ask the gypsy, “How did Wally kill the demon?” You will want to pay particular attention to the answer—it may just come in handy later!

Sir Prysin is going to be your next stop for help in your quest. You’ll find him walking around within the walls of Varrock Castle. He’s your source for obtaining the Silverlight, the only way to bring down Delrith. However, Sir Prysin won’t just hand over the blade (that’d be too easy!). The blade is so powerful that Sir Prysin has hidden it away and you must find the three keys that will allow you to get access to the Silverlight.

Slaying the Demon

Once you’ve obtained the Silverlight and have gotten the magical incantation from the gypsy, it’s time to fight!

The official difficulty for this quest is “Novice” but don’t let that fool you! Winning will still take some cunning and preparations. However, armed with the Silverlight, you will be able to take on Delrith. Get him down to 0 hit points and then say the incantation.

Victory will be yours!

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